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"Today" is wrong in Android app

blackshift says:
Today is Thursday June 30th. Just before noon, Central European Summer Time, in case that matters. However, when I'm in the "Add Task" screen in the Android app and hit the 'due' or 'start' button, it shows Today as Jun 26.

The full list of options, and the day the actual task will use if the option is selected, are:
- "Today, Jun 26" -> June 30, indeed Today
- "Tomorrow, Jun 27" -> July 1, indeed Tomorrow
- "Tuesday, Jun 28" -> July 5, indeed Tuesday
- "Wednesday, Jun 29" -> Jul 6, indeed Wednesday
- "Thursday, Jun 30" -> July 7, indeed Thursday
- "1 week, Jul 3" -> indeed Jul 3, a Sunday 3 days from now
- "No due date"
- "Pick date & time"

So this does behave as desired if one ignores the dates of the options. That is, "tomorrow" or a specific day of the week indeed creates a task that goes to "tomorrow" or the next time that day of the week occurs. It seems not possible to create a task in the past through these shortcuts.

However, it is not possible to create a task for next Monday through the short list, which is what I tried to do.

Any date can be selected through the "Pick date & time" though. And the short list is correct when editing dates. So the loss of functionality is minimal, but it is still a bit annoying and weird.

Any ideas? Maybe I can reboot my phone. I wonder what happens on other days. Is "Today" always 4 days in the past? Is it always last Sunday? Or would this only be a problem if the week is split over two months?
Posted at 9:49am on June 30, 2022
blackshift says:
Killing and restarting the app (not the phone) fixed the problem. Still weird.

RTM version: 4.5.20 (latest it seems).
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi blackshift,
Thanks for getting in touch and reporting this issue. Sorry about this!

We are looking into this and haven't been able to track this down. I will add your details to this on our end.

In the meantime, two things may help this happen less often: in your Android Settings you can disable battery optimizations (in Apps & notifications under "RTM"), and you can ensure your Android timezone matches your Remember The Milk account.
Posted 2 years ago
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