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multiple source edit collision destoryed data

nah.why says:
I started editing a large note on my iPhone.
I decided it's a lot of typing so better to do on the web app.
Unfortunately, I still had the note open on my phone.
I edited the note for about 1 hour in the web-app.
I went back to my phone.
Seeing the note open I reflexively hit save.

Can you guess what happened?

An hour of work lost.

Is there an undo?

There is data available to the RTM program to prevent this collision. My note editing session on the iPhone began at 4pm (say) and ended at 5:10pm. Meanwhile, my latest web-app edit (of many) happened at 5pm.

So while it's true, the save-time of the iPhone note-edit was later than the save-time of the web-app note-edit, observe that the START-TIME of the iPhone edit was BEFORE the web-app edit.

So if person-1 starts an edit, and before they finish, person-2 completes an edit, it would be nice if RTM warned person-1 of that situation and gave us some options. Including save a conflicted copy.

If there's anything you can do, I'd appreciate it.
Posted at 3:18am on July 12, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi nah.why,
Sorry to hear this!

If you didn't save the editing, it would not have saved in the app itself, but it sounds like you may have enough saves to look at here.

Can you contact us so we can discuss some specifics about this note? We can see what we can figure out. Thanks! 💙
Posted 2 years ago
nah.why says:
I manually recreated the note. However it almost happened to me again today.

It would be nice to have a note version history. Or a specific undo of one particular note or item.

Or again, the way the git-like source control management flows, we start with
Then person1 create verstion-A1.
Then person2 create verstion-A2.
They both started with version-A.
It's not the most accurate to say the person who commits later in time wins.
This is a "conflicted copy".
It would be great to be able to access this within RTM.
Posted 1 year ago
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