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subtask to main task

stickbar says:
Hey there,

how can I get a subtask to a maintask?

There is a / "Milk" #newinstorage / as maintask in list "storage". It has several subtasks with tags (no, the maintask must not have all tags ;])
Milk #open,
Milk #ishalffull,
Milk #nealyempty,
Milk #buynew.

My "Milk" tasks runs though my lists. There is a list for
"nearlyempty" and
I need to see the "status" of my milk in lists (and i also use smart lists).

So if milk is "open" it needs to be in the list open (not storage any more) and it needs to be tagged #open. Like the first subtask. The maintask is obsolete.
I want the first subtask to be the new maintask without editing the "old" maintask. Drag and drop works but if there are many subs it is a lot of afford.

Well, i hope that was understandable.
I am happy about any feedback and maybe there are more elegant solutions i didn´t think of.



of course there are orange juice, soda etc ;]
Posted at 6:51pm on September 5, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Christian,
Thanks for getting in touch. I'm not sure I follow but I think I have an idea of how you can manage this.

My main question is how you "designate" the subtask as being the current one. Do you use a start date, due date, priority, or something else?

It's not possible to do anything with drag and drop here, in other words the "first subtask" doesn't have any specific designation or prominence outside of the ordering in the subtask list.

If you do one of those other things though, you can use a Smart List to designate that. For example, if you use a due date, you can track your milk and all of your open beverages with the following:

isSubtask:true AND due:today

and you can even see your subtasks automatically in the Today view if you use due dates.

You can use other searches to highlight these subtasks depending on how you organize them, so let me know if you want more details based on how you manage them.

I hope this helps but keep me posted on what you find or let me know how I can help! 💙
Posted 1 year ago
stickbar says:
Hi andrewski,

thanks coming back to my question.
Kind of funny, you gave me answer to my today "issue" :]
Thanks that helps, smartlists are so powerful.

The "first" situation is kind of solved, Drag and Drop or re-tag main task will do :]
Thank you for your efforts.
Posted 1 year ago
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