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I can't get any browsers to open app

marshallc says:
HTTP Error 500 is what is showing each time that I try to access the app. This happened after I attempted to switch back to older version because I couldn't set up an after Monday, Wednesday, or Friday repeating task.
Posted at 11:50pm on October 2, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi marshallc,
Thanks for getting in touch and reporting this issue.

It may help to use our switcher page to switch back to the new version, then to load the app.

If not, you may want to try these steps to see if you can get it to load again.

Or you could try another browser, computer, device, or just a different network to see if that helps at all too, in case it's specific.

Also, that repeating issue is fixed! Sorry about that! 😅

Keep me posted on what you find all around and please contact us if this continues! 💙
Posted 1 year ago
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