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Milkscript timing out

shalgrim says:
I will follow this up by getting in touch with more details, but I also thought a forum post would be good for visibility.

I have a script that fetches a dozen tasks based on some search criteria (e.g., `const incompleteTasksDueToday = mySmartList.getTasks('status:incomplete AND due:today')`) and then cycles through them and, based on certain criteria, postpones or completes them.

When I run this script with just logging statements, it runs great. I.e., it just logs "postpone task X" and "complete task Y". But when I actually add in the code to postpone and complete tasks, it times out and says it takes over ten seconds.

Which is weird because in my testing I'm only processing half a dozen tasks, so it doesn't seem like it should take that long.

Is there a best practice on how to make a script like this run faster? Is this something the dev team is aware of?
Posted at 5:41pm on October 5, 2022
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