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2 notification in email

mikeora says:
I keep receiving two notifications on due date/time and I know it is probably something I did with some of my tasks as not all have the same behavior

I have set recurring tasks and added a reminder at due time.

In the application settings, I have set
Tasks with due times Remind me At the time the task is due is checked and also I have checked the (15 minutes) before the task is due

I just need guidance on which I need to use so I only receive the one notification.

Is it to not set the task with a reminder at due time, since it is set at the application level, so it would apply to every task with a due date/time?

And so I understand clearly, what does trigger receiving a reminder? Is it simply to set a due date or does it have to be due date AND time?

Posted at 2:41pm on November 23, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mikeora,
Yes, this should be because you have the reminders set at the application level (in the Account Settings) and have added a reminder at the due time in the task itself.

You should be able to remove the additional reminder in the task details to only receive one reminder at the due time. (Or you could disable the reminders for all tasks and manage them individually if you only want them for specific tasks.)

If you want any further or more specific help, feel free to contact us for more help! 💙
Posted 1 year ago
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