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Milkscript - Interactive Prompt

xdhmoore says:
One thing I've mused about for a couple years is the ability to write a script that would combine an algorithm with user prompts in order to organize a large number of tasks.

For example, an algorithm that would continuously ask the user to pick one of two choices as "more important", and then could move the top 5 choices into a separate list.

Or a algorithm that would go through a list of tasks, asking a Yes or No question about each task in order to set priority. For example, it could ask, "Will bad things happen if you don't do this task?", and mark the Yes's as priority 1.

These are doable by hand of course but this would just be a guided set of questions to help you organize large amounts of tasks. There could be randomization involved to avoid the focus on recently entered items.

But I don't see a way in the milkscript reference to prompt and get user input. Is this possible?
Posted at 11:24pm on February 26, 2023
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