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Drag/drop keeps trying to create subtask when I just want to reorder

grwleblanc says:
I find it extremely difficult to drag/drop for reordering purposes. I can't find the sweet spot where it will only move the task and not try to add to another task as a sub. Am I missing something?
Posted at 2:31pm on April 18, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi grwleblanc,
That may be because the view isn't sorted by drag and drop. You can change each view at the top and it needs to be set to drag and drop to allow reordering.

With that set you should see a spot "open up" between two other tasks and you can aim for that to drop the task. I hope that helps!

Keep me posted on what you find and let me know if you have any further problems or feedback about how this is working for you!
Posted 1 year ago
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