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Some tasks keep reverting/restoring

alicea says:
I opened a ticket on this, but I thought I would post it here as well.

For a few weeks now, some task changes reverted back as if the change was never made. The most recent incident was the same correction I had to make two days in a row. At first, I simply thought I was not paying attention as completed tasks would return or changes would be undone.

On the most recent specific task, I checked the info, and both the add and updated date are the same, both yesterday at midnight. (1) This specific task had been added a while back and (2) I was not up at midnight.

Any thoughts?
Posted at 4:14pm on November 28, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi alicea,
I know we're already discussing this by email, and we can continue narrowing down on the specifics.

However, I just wanted to mention, based on the timestamp, that a repeating task due "every [interval]" (without a time) would generate a new task at midnight. So you may want to check the repeat for this task to make sure it's acting as you expect.

Otherwise, and the other reason I suggested checking the details, I'd be curious if the source may indicate that the task is being generated unexpectedly, i.e. it may show the app that is accidentally creating a task, or an app that is unexpectedly doing something that you "want" but not in this way.

Anyhow, keep me posted on what you find, either here or by email! 💙
Posted 6 months ago
alicea says:
Thanks for the help. It is a recurring daily task with subtasks. When the daily task (and sub's) come up (today), I made a change to a subtask (new changes) not realizing that the "tomorrow" task had already been generated (without new changes). The next day I come and see the changes are gone. It appears revered but what actually happened is that the tomorrow task never got the changes. I made my new change to the already generated tomorrow (or future task) and all is well.
Posted 6 months ago
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