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Attach docs via drag/drop

onlinemailnet13 says:
Are there any plans to support drag/drop for adding documents, images, etc. to tasks?

At this point, all modern apps have the ability to drag/drop files (images, PDFs, whatever) as attachments (1 action) instead of having to click 'add field', 'add attachment', navigate to the file, select the file, click upload (5+ actions).

I know you can attach documents, but are there any plans to modernize how images and documents are attached to tasks?
Posted at 2:56pm on January 3, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi onlinemailnet13,
Thanks for your feedback! We don't have any changes to share right now, but we appreciate you sharing how the app could work better for you.

I'll pass your feedback on to the development team. Feedback is important to us and we review messages as we work to improve the apps.

Let us know if we can ever help with anything else too! 💙
Posted 4 months ago
haberle.gusztav says:
I agree with onlinemailnet13, such a feature would be very useful! OneDrive integration would also be nice. There are times when it would be good to attach more than one file directly. Is there any hope for these in the near future?

This is why I'm thinking of changing from RTM to something else (Notion, Todoist) - both have that...
Posted 4 months ago
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