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Adding tasks by voice? Anything better than my solution?

korey99 says:
Every couple of years I like to revisit the question of "how do I add a task I thought of while driving?"
Currently, I use Google Assistant, through IFTTT, into RTM. I say "Hey google, add a task." then afterwards she asks me "when do you want to be reminded?"
The result is a reminder in Google, unfortunately with a date/time I didn't want.
I use and IFTTT trigger for new Google Tasks, and I add an RTM task with the following name: "GTasks: {{Title}} "
I then review those incoming tasks in RTM directly (because sometimes they're a disaster due to bad speech-to-text), then run a milkscript to add some tags and remove the prefix from the title.
It works, but it's not my favorite, especially since it adds a bunch of reminders to my calendar. Anyone have any better luck? I even tried other to-do list software just for the purpose of entering new tasks for transfer with IFTTT, but didn't find any with a good voice experience.
Posted at 5:17pm on April 30, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi korey99,
Thanks for sharing the details of your setup!

Based on Google discontinuing the conversational actions that meant you could use Google Assistant to talk directly to Remember The Milk, catching a Google Task via IFTTT is a good idea to get it into your Remember The Milk account.

I hope this helps reassure you a bit at least! 💙
Posted 11 weeks ago
drfrankbuck says:
I have two ways set up. One is what you mentioned: Use IFTTT to create an applet that says IF I create a tasks in Google Tasks, THEN create a task in RTM (and include parameters for what the default due date, priority, etc. would be. Use Google Assistant to say, OK Google, remind me to blah, blah, blah. It's easy and also works for your Google Home speaker. The downside, like you point out, is that you are asked for a specific time whether you need it or not.

Another idea is to text YOURSELF. I have an IFTTT applet that says IF I send an SMS text to a certain number (and you make that certain number yourself), THEN create a task in RTM (and in the applet tell what the default date and priority will be). In practice, I can say to my phone or watch, "OK Google, text Frank Buck call Bob the Monkey." Or I can say, "OK Google, text Frank Buck" and then pause for Google Assistant to ask what the message is. Of course, you're instantly going to see a text message show up and you just ignore it. But, your task shows up in RTM. Works like a charm.
Posted 6 weeks ago
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