The Dairy

Community-created apps that work with Remember The Milk.


Here you'll find apps created by other Remember The Milk users (like you!) using the Remember The Milk API. Created something cool with the API? Let us know!

Desktop apps


By Kimmo Pekkola

Rainlendar is a highly customizable calendar app, and helps keep your events and tasks in plain view on your desktop at all times.


By Eustáquio Rangel

Gmilk is a simple GTK tray application which will periodically check for upcoming tasks, issue a notification, and let you complete the task directly from the notification.


By Boyd Timothy and Calvin Gaisford

Tasque is a very cool simple-yet-powerful task management tool for GNOME that integrates with Remember The Milk.

Plugins and extensions

SimpleRTM (Emacs mode)

By Moritz Bunkus

If you live your life inside Emacs, why not manage your tasks there too? The simple-rtm plugin provides an interface for Remember The Milk within Emacs, allowing you to add and edit tasks.

FARR Remember The Milk Plugin (FarrRmilk)

By Philipp

For users who prefer to keep their fingers on the keyboard at all times, Find and Run Robot with the Remember The Milk plugin (FarrRmilk) can help you manage many aspects of your task list using only keyboard commands.

Moo Later

By Chris Frost

Moo Later is a helpful Firefox add-on that allows you to quickly save a page as a task in your Remember The Milk account. It automatically uses the title and URL of the current page.

Tools and utilities


By Ilya Sedlovsky

Take control of your task list via instant message with Jabber2Rtm. With a variety of IM commands, you can manage your task list right from your Jabber client.

RTM Bulk Adder

By Alasdair North

RTM Bulk Adder is a tool that lets you add multiple collections of tasks to Remember The Milk using a single web page.

Command line apps


By David Waring

RTM-CLI provides a robust command line client, written in Python. Features include the ability to add and modify tasks, color-coded output, and weekly planner creation.


By Tim Pope

rumember is a Ruby script that focuses on fast and easy task entry from the command line. Smart Add syntax for specifying task properties is supported.


By Marius Grigoriu

Milkmaid is a Ruby script that allows you to quickly and easily manage your task list from the command line.