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Branding Guidelines

The Remember The Milk API Terms of Use require that you adhere to certain guidelines on naming, attribution, and logo use. This document is intended to help you meet these requirements.

These branding guidelines may change from time to time, and without prior notice from Remember The Milk. Your continued use of the Remember The Milk APIs is contingent upon your adherence to the current branding guidelines. If you are uncomfortable with any of these branding guidelines, discontinue your use of the APIs, and contact us with your concerns.

Naming your app

To ensure that you are able to promote your integration without creating confusion about the creator of the offering, please follow these naming guidelines:

You may not:

  • Use Remember The Milk or RTM in the name of your product, website or app ("Application X for Remember The Milk" is not acceptable).
  • Use a portion of a Remember The Milk mark, image or text, as part of your product, website or app name.

Avoid using "Remember" or "Milk" in your app name

We would strongly encourage you to avoid using these terms, as it will preclude your integration from being included on The Dairy page or being featured on the Remember The Milk blog. In the past, explicit approval of names containing these terms has been granted, but these are being phased out slowly as integrations are updated.


You shall place the following notice prominently on your app: "This product uses the Remember The Milk API but is not endorsed or certified by Remember The Milk."

Logo Use

You may not use the Remember The Milk logo, in whole or in part, without specific written permission from Remember The Milk. You may not use the Remember The Milk "cow" logo as an icon for your product, website or app.

Any use of the Remember The Milk logo in your app shall be less prominent than the logo or mark that primarily describes the app and your use of the Remember The Milk logo shall not imply any endorsement by Remember The Milk.