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I entered a task with some properties and got unexpected results


While using Smart Add, you enter a task with some properties and get unexpected results.


Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

Check that your task name and due date come before other properties.

The task name and due date should always come first, but you can include the other properties in any order after that.


Clean out the fridge tomorrow #errand


Clean out the fridge #errand tomorrow

Check that your due date, repeat option, or time estimate format is valid.

If you're not sure whether your input is valid, please see the following pages for supported input formats:

Check for language support.

At this time, Smart Add won't understand dates and times in non-English languages when entered alongside task names.

If Smart Add has trouble understanding your due date and/or time, enter ^ followed by your due date and/or time.

Pick up the milk ^tomorrow

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