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How do I add a task to a Smart List?

In the Smart List, click on Add a task... or use the shortcut key t.

Enter the task name in the text box provided and press the Enter key when done.

Where are tasks added?

Smart Lists display tasks based on the criteria that you define, but the actual tasks themselves still reside in regular lists (such as the 'Personal' and 'Work' lists that are added to your account when you sign up).

When you add a task while in a Smart List, the task is automatically added to your default list if you have one set (if your default list is a Smart List, then it will be added to your Inbox instead).

Note: As Smart Lists are automatically updated as your tasks change, it's possible to add a task to a Smart List and have the task disappear from the list immediately. This will happen if the task you've added doesn't meet the Smart List criteria, e.g. if the Smart List is based on tasks named 'call' and your new task name doesn't include this.

Inheriting task properties

Tasks added in Smart Lists will use that list's criteria -- so if your Smart List contains all your tasks tagged with 'phone', any tasks you add will be automatically tagged with that too.

This includes the day views in the mobile apps -- Today, Tomorrow, etc. Tasks added to these views will automatically be due on that day instead of the default due date.

If your Smart List is based on multiple criteria, such as high priority tasks tagged with phone that are due today, tasks added to this Smart List will automatically inherit all these properties. The following properties are inherited:

  • Due date
  • Location
  • Priority
  • Tags
  • Time estimate
  • List name#

#If the Smart List criteria specifies a list name, the task will be added to that list (rather than being automatically added to your default list or Inbox).

Note: Properties are only inherited where the Smart List is unambiguous. If your Smart List looks for tasks that are tagged apples OR oranges, the new task won't inherit either tag. However, if your Smart List is for tasks tagged apples AND oranges, the new task will be tagged with both of these tags.

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