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Which task properties will be synced, and which won't?

Properties that sync

The following task properties will synchronize between Microsoft Outlook and Remember The Milk (i.e., any changes made to these properties will be reflected both in Microsoft Outlook and in Remember The Milk): task name, status, priority, due date, recurrence, time estimate, notes, and category (list name and tags in Remember The Milk).

Please note: Remember The Milk only supports "Not Started" and "Completed" statuses, so if a task in Microsoft Outlook has a different status (e.g., "In Progress"), this status will not sync to Remember The Milk. Also, Microsoft Outlook only has 3 priority levels, whereas Remember The Milk has 4 (so both priority "2" and "no priority" will show as "normal priority" in Microsoft Outlook).

Properties that don't sync

Microsoft Outlook does not support the following task properties, so they will not appear in Microsoft Outlook when syncing with Remember The Milk: location, URL, and sharing information. In addition, Microsoft Outlook does not support filtering by Smart List.

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