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How do I add a subtask to a task?

  1. On your task list, click the task you wish to add a subtask to.
  2. Click on Add a subtask... or use the shortcut key t.
  3. Enter your task name. You can use Smart Add shortcuts to include extra details about the task.
  4. Click Add Subtask or press Enter to add the new subtask.

With Smart Add, you can include many task details at once, e.g.:

Pick up the milk tomorrow

Take out the Trash on Tuesday *weekly #errand

If you don't remember the shortcuts, don't worry! When adding your task, just tap on one of the icons (due date, priority, etc) below the 'Add Task' bar. You'll then see a list of quick options you can tap, such as common due dates or tags you've created. You can also start typing to filter the options (e.g., find your tags that start with "p"), or enter something that's not in the list.

Note: Subtasks are available exclusively for users. Learn more about Pro features

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