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How does Remember The Milk work with Siri?

Ready to get started?

Follow these quick instructions (for iOS 11/watchOS 4 or later), and you'll be adding tasks to Remember The Milk with Siri in no time.

When you launch the Remember The Milk app, it will prompt you to give Siri permission. Once you've given permission, here are a few examples of how to talk to Siri:

Add "call Bob" to my task list in RTM

Mark "call Bob" as complete on RTM

Start a list called My Awesome Project on RTM

What do I have due today in RTM?

Using an earlier versions of iOS and watchOS?

This feature uses the built in support for the CalDAV standard in iOS to push tasks added with Siri to Remember The Milk. Just follow the quick instructions on our Add tasks with Siri page to get started.

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