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How did Pro accounts change in February 2016?

What's changed with Pro accounts and pricing?

In February 2016, we launched the new Remember The Milk featuring a whole set of shiny new apps. We now have brand new apps for the web, desktop (Mac, Windows, and Linux), iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, BlackBerry 10, and Fire.


Way back in 2007, we introduced Pro accounts to give people a way to support the continued development of Remember The Milk. (We'd never intended to start Remember The Milk as a business, and were pouring all our own money and bananas into it!)

All of this only exists now thanks to the support of our awesome Pro users. Thanks to you, we were able to fund development of the new Remember The Milk (and most importantly, keep Bob well nourished with a constant supply of bananas). And with the new apps, we were able to develop a bunch of features that we're making exclusive to Pro (you did fund them, after all!).

Now, here's the thing. We've been offering Pro accounts at the same price since 2007 (okay, so nobody said we were business geniuses). We're at the point now where we need to increase our price so we can grow our team, continue developing sweet new stuff, and just generally keep this whole thing running (our hosting provider declined payment in bananas). So, Remember The Milk Pro is now $39.99 per year.

I already have Remember The Milk Pro, how does this affect me?

As a loyal Pro user (thank you!), you'll get all those new Pro features we mentioned. Your existing Pro price was guaranteed for renewals through August 20, 2017 (that was the 10th anniversary of Pro). From August 21, 2017, Remember The Milk Pro is $39.99 per year for all users.

I'm an existing user, but I don't have Remember The Milk Pro. How does this affect me?

One of the big changes is that one of the features that was previously only available in Pro is now available to everyone: you can now enjoy unlimited syncing in the mobile apps.

Some features that were previously available to everyone are now part of Pro, but if you joined Remember The Milk before February 3, 2016, these changes do not affect you -- nothing changes in your account.

How do I subscribe to Remember The Milk Pro?

Just head on over to the Upgrade page. Bob thanks you! :)

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